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The right brand helps companies cut through the noise and make a lasting impression on their target market. It’s a critical part of every successful business that leads to strong positive impression of your business its products, services and customer loyalty.

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We focus on strategic marketing. With our analytical thinking we measures an track progress so we can identify key opportunities for growth. Aligning vital strategy paths for the brand’s vision, mission and value proposition of your business operating environment.

Market Research | Brand Awareness
Content Marketing | SEO | Social Media | PPC


Advertising is about focusing on the right target audience for your business. By communicating directly to your costumers we can build a precise and well-researched brand strategy. Our aim is to put your product or service in the spotlight and draw it’s attention to your consumers.

Film & Photography

Creative Video Animation

Ad Campaigns

Video Production and Creative Photography

Creative video

Welcome to Kihada — A Creative Digital Agency. Where Your Brand Meets Innovation.

At Kihada, we blend creativity with strategy to propel your brand into the hearts and minds of your audience. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle and El Salvador, and a client base that spans Canada, the U.S.A., and Latin America, we are uniquely positioned to elevate brands on a global scale.

Our Expertise:

Branding: Crafting identities that resonate and endure.

Marketing: Strategizing campaigns that engage and convert.

Advertising: Capturing attention through compelling narratives.

Film and Photography: Telling your story with cinematic precision.


Regional Recycling Rebranding Recycling Made Easy

Brand & Advertising

Refining the brand by removing the associations with clutter was key, so we can push for a modern environmental clean and recycling look, which has help attract more customers to recycle.

Fast Drop Branding Design

Branding & Web Application

The concept was developed as a response to a growing need for a contact-les recycling solution and minimizing the amount of time spend in the depots.

Depozip Branding Design

Industrial Brand

Defining a powerful brand with three great attributes: High tech meets durability and practicality. Creating a strong brand acquisition so they can expand thier market globally.

Quick Count Branding

Restaurant Branding

We take the art of food photography very serious, and after 20 years of solid work with our client, the fruits of our creative labour have been paying off.

Depozip Branding Design

Film Festival

Kihada developed a branding and advertising strategy that conveyed the company’s deep-seated commitment to Latin American culture.

Quick Count Branding

Hablamos tu lenguaje

Somos una agencia de publicidad creativa con sede en El Salvador, Vancouver, Toronto y Seattle. Tenemos más de dos décadas y media de experiencia.

Depozip Branding Design

Beauty Industry

Branding their logo and all package design products was key to give our client a more therapeutic and holistic look as well as a strong Canadian made roots approach on their brand’s message.

Quick Count Branding

Cosmetic Industry

Adorlee is company that specializes in the skincare and eye beauty industry.  Kihada was able to create a full brand strategy that reflected a one of a kind 100% Canadian made product.

At Kihada we develop creative concepts, with smart and to the point messages that leads to powerful campaigns. Like you, we want your brand to expand in the universe.

Join us and let us explore you world and discover why we can be your perfect strategic creative branding partner.

We Build Brands

Brand Building

How a brands story is visually interpreted is as important as its people and services. From the logo to advertising and beyond, the biggest asset to a business is the brand.

Brand Design

Graphic Design

Our graphic design will captures the personality and strengths of your business. Cultivating designs that are genuine, dynamic and exceptionally powerful.

Advertising Campaigns

Ad Campaigns

Advertising is about hitting the right target and focusing on the right audience for your business. We’ll zone in on specific markets and communicate directly to them with precise and well-researched design and media. 

Design For Print

Design for Print

Whether you’re looking for a new logo or a stunning print piece, we can make it happen. We specialize in the art of graphic design for all your print collateral needs.


Package Design Services

Package Design

Your product should communicate instantly with confidence, direction and luxurious quality. By creating outstanding packaging that leaps from the shelves into the hands of your customers. 

Video and Photography services

Film & photography

Captivate your audience with an unforgettable visual experience and share your brand message the best way possible. Lets us make you stand out in a crowd.

Web Design Services

Web Design

Smooth functionality meets impeccable design when we create our tailored websites. With focused strategy for your visitor experience, mobile-ready integration and solid back end programming.

E-Commerce Website Development


We’re here to make sure you have a capable, easily managed system that allows for effortless transactions for your valued consumers. Be ready for the marketplace and run your online store without worry through our strong back-end management systems.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Services


It’s time to tell the world where you are. Our strategies behind the scenes can drastically improve your search engine rankings, as we optimize your website content and build backlinks. We also target valuable keywords and track competitor analysis, 

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