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Nadine Spuls
November 13th, 2020
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Advertising engineered for today.

Skyrocket your brand past the competition.

The night sky is majestic, cold, and never ending. To travel there requires imaginative engineers and equipment of meticulous precision. Advertising in the digital void requires the same.

Advertising Engineered for today.
Advertising Engineered For Today
To stand out from your competitors takes more than outspending them or even being the best in your industry. It requires a comprehensive strategy that considers consumer data, competitor reports, an immaculate brand, and the courage to explore the human equation in an ever-changing galaxy.

The question that always comes next is, where do we start? We start by fully immersing ourselves in your brand and understanding where your customers spend their time and money, what their desires are, and what makes them stare out the window at 3 a.m. This understanding of human nature guides the strategy of where you should prioritize your online presence.

Evaluate Your Brands Message with Kihada
Evaluate Your Brands Message with Kihada
The next step is to evaluate your brand and messaging. Is it resonating with your audience and building trust from the first moment they see one of your social media posts, your website, or your ad? We’ll work with you to make sure that every client interaction feels as dependable as finding the North Star and knowing that you’ll find your way home, no matter where your journey has taken you.

Once we know where to find your audience and have refined a resonating message, we will get to work determining where and how to advertise your company. It’s a common idea that posting on social media will mean an instant influx of leads. While this may be true in some cases, for most brands, it’s more complex than that.

Know Where To Find Your Audience
Know Where To Find Your Audience
A strong advertising strategy involves various mediums. An experienced creative team will execute the photography and videography of people and products in a style that matches your brand. It’s not as simple as point and shoot. It is capturing the essence of a brand while applying forward-thinking strategies to a holistic marketing approach. It bridges the gap from online marketing to utilizing traditional advertising channels and can elevate a brand beyond its competition.

Each of these tools needs to articulate your brand value in mere seconds while enticing the viewer to learn more. Then there’s the question of what to spend on tools like digital advertising. The answer lies in the research we’ve performed in the first stage. When we have a fully formed picture of your customer and their online behaviours, we’ll know which course to plot.

Kihada Can Help You Soar Above The Competition
Kihada Can Help You Soar Above The Competition

Outspending your competition is a losing game; someone else can always build a bigger rocket. To soar above the competition, you must spend your budget with a strategy that is grounded in the data. Otherwise, your budget could evaporate in the void of ads and promotions, and you still hear radio silence. Carefully consider the strategy for advertising on each platform and spend with the knowledge that you’re putting your message somewhere meaningful. You don’t need the biggest rocket, just the right one for your journey.

“Everything was so new – the whole idea of going into space was new and daring. There were no textbooks, so we had to write them.”

Katherine Johnson,
NASA Mathematician/Computer.

Kihada's Team Of Digital Explorers Are Ready For You
Kihadas Team Of Digital Explorers Are Ready For You

Kihada’s team of digital explorers will venture into the outreaches of the advertising voids and meticulously navigate the black holes. We will design an advertising strategy that accounts for your client’s nature, unique mechanisms of the niche, and the practicality of a budget well spent. If you’re ready to soar amongst the stars, contact Kihada.


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