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Sylvia Braun
August 19th, 2021
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What’s in a business (brand) name?

We can assume a lot from a name- be it gender, origin, and sometimes age. For brands, it’s the first thing we learn about what the company is. You may not know everything from the name, but it’s a start. Names can even be clever, tongue-in-cheek inside jokes. Look at Hootsuite- it’s a play on the French term ‘toot suite’, which means ‘right away’. The ‘hoot’ is making fun of the bird-related brand names popular at the time (like Twitter)!

The search for originality in coming up with a business brand name
The search for originality in coming up with a business brand name
Or, pulling one out of the vault- look at AskJeeves! This old school search engine got its name from the classic novels of Jeeves and Wooster, with Jeeves being the smart, problem-solving butler. There’s nothing Jeeves didn’t know, and no scenario he didn’t have insight on! Better yet, that cultural reference led to their whole branding with the ‘butler’ theme.

The search for originality

Logistically, even once you settle on a name the work is only half done. Now you need to check to see if another company already has your name and whether there’s already trademarks or copyrights associated with the name. After all, in 2021 is highly likely that someone somewhere has the same brand name- even if the company is in a different industry to yours.

Your name tells your audience who you are- it’s a blank canvas. It can say as much or as little as you want, but it’s what should shape the rest of your branding.

Your Name Tells Your Audience Who You Are
Your Name Tells Your Audience Who You Are

So what next?

You’ve finally decided on a name, but you’re not sure of the look that should go with it. It’s kind of like clothes shopping- you know what style you like, but you don’t know how to get there. Or, you have a vision but you don’t know what name to go with!

So, you hire a professional to do the work! This is where Kihada comes in. We work with you, your brand, and your vision to create a cohesive and complete branding experience. Whether you need the full experience of creating your brand name, packaging and a marketing strategy (like with (Adorlee) or just a refresh and a new website (like Beauty through Balance), Kihada has your needs covered.

from brand discovery to marketing kihada has the experience
Kihada Advertising for Beauty Industry

From brand discovery to marketing, Kihada has the experience and resources to ensure that we’re the only experts you’ll need to promote your brand. Each client is unique, and we work with you to ensure you’ll stand out as much as your name. Contact Kihada.


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