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Case Study: Beauty Through Balance

Through our products we reveal timeless secrets from the pristine remote areas of Canada’s Northern Coast including one of the most sustainable and nutrient rich plants in the world – hand harvested Macrosystis Pacific Seaweed.

About our client:

The Beauty Through Balance spa line created by founder Sherina Jamal, reflects the company’s vision to develop products that go beyond simply topical care but work on therapeutic and holistic levels too. Their formulas are sophisticated and developed with a scientific approach to ensure quality at every stage of R&D and manufacturing.

The very first formulas developed by Jamal over 10 years ago were created based on her extensive research of local Pacific Seaweed and Canadian Glacial Clay from the Northern Coast of BC. Due to the profound healing benefits these indigenous ingredients offered, Jamal incorporated them into advanced formulations to create some of the very first authentic Canadian Thalassotherapy (healing from raw ocean elements) spa treatments and home care.

All products are manufactured in a licensed production facility where strict quality control and quality assurance guidelines are followed. Providing clean, safe, and effective products is a huge part of their mandate.


What the client has to say:

We worked with Kihada to assist in updating our branding including our logo, package design and labels. In addition, we utilized their expertise in product photography, which provided us with a few beautiful images to use on our marketing materials.  The updated logo change and new images provided a fresh look and a clearer reflection of our brand message.  We look forward to working with Kihada on other marketing and branding projects in the near future.

Sherina Jamal



Marketing Strategy

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+ Product Photography | Spa Cosmetic Product Line

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+ Logo Redesign Phase


The focus: brand-name recognition.

Our first steps: getting to know the client, overview of the company products and mission statement.

Key relevant points of your business: target message and what your brand should convey to your audience. 

Perception/tone/attributes: How you want your target audience to respond to your company’s identity or design. Think about how you want your target audience to perceive your company from this logo alone.

Specific visual goals and “key words” the design should convey: balance, beauty, and organic.



BTB is dedicated to science, research and maintaining the highest standards when it comes to product development. The industry is saturated with product lines that make false claims and take shortcuts, so they take great pride in developing products that are made ethically and authentically. BTB’s mandate is to develop products that are safe and offer superior performance.

Through innovative, cutting-edge methods, they ensure that the integrity and composition of the raw ingredients used in their formulas is not altered in any way through harvesting or processing. Each specific key active ingredient in the products including the Canadian glacial clay, acai berries, seaweed, antioxidants, anti-aging actives etc. have undergone various clinical trials and studies to validate their benefits. All of their formulas are manufactured in a licensed and certified facility where strict protocols are followed in the areas of production, quality control, and quality assurance. BTB manufacturing processes follow strict guidelines to ensure there are no negative impacts to the environment.

+ Product Photography

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