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CHALLENGE: Establish VLAFF as a reputable and unique organization among global film festivals.

SOLUTION: Clear mission and core values, communicated through innovative brand strategy.

RESULT: Reverence and growing acclaim worldwide as the top curator of Latin American film culture.


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It was VLAFF’s ambition to become the most anticipated film festival in Vancouver – a bold undertaking that would require a completely new brand strategy. In 2006, they approached us in search of a way to gain recognition as a reputable and unique organization among international film festivals. From the start, we could see our task was to clearly define VLAFF’s core values – an essential component to designing a truly authentic brand experience. This organization of storytellers needed a brand that could deliver one story with unforgettable, full-impact precision.

Using our definitive creative process, we helped VLAFF concisely establish its mission and core values as a non-profit organization forging a future for Latin American filmmakers and film professionals. We set out to develop a branding and marketing strategy that conveyed the company’s deep-seated commitment to Latin culture and its proliferation through the arts. Recognizing that sponsors are at the heart of VLAFF’s efforts and initiatives, we designed a new logo, ad campaign, marketing collateral, sponsorship packages and movie trailers geared towards attracting them just as much as the participants. The entirely new website was the final component to push the brand to global level, positioning VLAFF in highly coveted top spots in search engine rankings. 

VLAFF has gained a steady growth of about 25% annually in the local market share, solidifying the organization as an established film festival and putting it at one of the top 10 film festivals in Canada. With a new look and a more focused message, VLAFF has managed to leverage their reputation to establish stronger ties with some of the top Latin American film industry festivals like The Havana Film Festival and the Guadalajara International Film Festival, to name a few. These accomplishments exhibit an irrefutable point: a powerful brand is a company’s best asset.

Creative Ad Campaign

+ 2016 Print Ad Campaign | Georgia Straight

Print Ad Campaign Georgia Straight

+ Creative Ad Campaign

Creative Ad Campaign

+ Print collateral: 2017 Ad Campaign | La Quinciañera 15th Anniversary | Custom Illustration concept


Our Task: To create a unique marketing package that would truly stand out and also meet a short turnaround. 

+ Print Collateral: 2015 Ad Campaign | 13h Anniversary | Custom Illustration & Concept

+ Video | Film Production | Promotional Trailer


Our task: To create a unique marketing package that would truly stand out.

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