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Case Study | Progressive Automations


Progressive Automations

An engineering company that primarily builds and sells a wide range of linear actuators and control systems. They work with a wide variety of industries: automotive, marine, agricultural, medical, home, robotics, solar tracking, and industrial automation & machinery. They have an impressive client list that includes Google, Apple, Tesla and Mercedes Benz. They are experts in their field and have the technical abilities to provide solutions for their clients.


The Challenge

When we started with them, their marketing presence was minimal and they were mainly known only by other engineers. Linear actuators are not aesthetically appealing and Progressive Automations found that effectively communicating their unique selling points to the USA market needed a better solution.  


The Solution

They hired us at first to develop a better website. When we came on board, we quickly realized their needs were greater than merely the website. 

We started to work with them to provide a defined brand presence and personality and to create a reach well beyond other engineers already familiar with the applications of their product. We chose a friendly, professional, and technical look for their brand and created a marketing and branding guideline manual to ensure the consistency and quality of all future efforts.

After creating their manual, we manifested this vision through the creation of a new logo, new and revised copy, new graphic design, new photography and a new video.

More recently, in consultation with us, they came up with a new company to apply their own expertise and product line. They have created a related brand called Progressive Desks. PD manufactures high-end flexible sit/stand desks at highly affordable prices relative to their competitors. As they were exceedingly happy with our work for Progressive Automations, they have continued to work with us on Progressive Desks. We have similarly produced branding work, copy, and visual media for Progressive Desks giving it it’s own character and strong marketplace positioning.


Progressive Automation has ballooned in the 5 years we have been working with them. They have a new warehouse 4 times the size of their original. Progressive Automation has 25+ full-time staff and have grown every year by 35%. They will undoubtedly be a Kihada client for many years to come.


Marketing Strategy

Brand Development

Advertising Campaigns

Creative Photography

  Creative Web Design

  Script writing


Art Direction

Video Film Production

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Google Ad Campaigns

  Logo Designs

  3D Rendering

  Editing and Sound

What our client has to say:

It was a pleasure working with Rene and his team at Kihada They were an essential part of our brand marketing, creating outstanding visuals for us at Progressive Automations. Their photography and videography skills are par excellent, and they were on the top of their game with improvisations and ideas to make the entire shoot look perfect. From product photography to corporate videos, we have worked with Kihada extensively over the past four years. We look forward to working with Rene and his team again and would recommend their services.

Vlad Kovalyov
President and CEO

+ Industrial Photography | Actuator Climate Test

+ Creative Ad Campaign

+ Video | Film Production | Social Media Campaign
120 Sec | 30 Sec | 6 Sec versions, base on Youtube specs

+ Web Architectural Design & Web Page Layout | Photography & Ad Campaign

+ The Essential For Creating The Right Brand & Marketing Campaign


Less is more.

The focus: Brand name recognition.

Valance and position were key in getting PA’s logo updated, making it more prominent and precise, which is one of the key core components of their business.

Pushing for a minimalist look and feel on the brand’s main components, we mixed the icon and the company name into one for a more powerful brand approach and recognition. At the same time, we conveyed the linear motion concept of their business model: the Actuators linear motion.

Brand Factors:

• Supports the price premium.

• Adds complexity to the final product, making it more valuable in the eyes of the consumer.

• Secures the business against competitors who do not offer this component.

• Is an automatic reassurance of content, quality, and performance.

• Distinguishes the product and Mother Brand, making it highly distinctive in the market.

+ Final Design Concepts Used On The PA Website

+ Muck-up Illustration For Concept Development Phase

+ The Art Of Industrial Photography:

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