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design concepts.

Progressive Desk

Progressive Desk believes standing desks are the key to a more flexible and healthier workspace. Their products are designed to transform your workspace and way of life at an affordable price. Innovative desk designs offer superior support compared to more traditional workspaces.

They have a commitment to lean manufacturing practices that reduce waste, energy and water use as well as companies that invest in their people and communities.

PD manufactures high-end flexible sit/stand desks at highly affordable prices relative to their competitors. As they were exceedingly happy with our work for Progressive Automation, they have continued to work with us on their new venture.

Taking the challenge Our task seemed to be simple Рphotograph the desks and make them look impressive. In fact, tables or furniture are challenging to photograph because of their linear shapes. One way to solve this issue is through post editing.

Product photography is an essential part of both online and traditional advertising. Successful brands require all types of print marketing including catalogs, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and websites.



Marketing Strategy

Advertising Campaign

Creative Product Photography

Video Film Production

Art Direction

Set Design

Interior Design

Visual Design

What our client has to say:

It was a pleasure working with Rene and his team at Kihada They were an essential part of our brand marketing, creating outstanding visuals for us at Progressive Automations. Their photography and videography skills are par excellent, and they were on the top of their game with improvisations and ideas to make the entire shoot look perfect. From product photography to corporate videos, we have worked with Kihada extensively over the past four years. We look forward to working with Rene and his team again and would recommend their services.

Vlad Kovalyov
President and CEO

+ Drone view from our photography session

+ Industrial & Product photography | Day and Night concept

+ Industrial Photography | Before post production

+ Product photography accessories & remote control close ups

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