Digital Marketing Agency Seattle

Digital Marketing Agency Seattle

Kihada is one of the Best digital agencies in Seattle. We specialize in marketing advertising, branding, film, and photography. For over a decade, we have been offering life-changing services to businesses that will give them brand recognition, excellence, and success. In this post, we’ll explore our services and what you stand to gain by associating with us.

Marketing Advertising

At Kihada, we have the competence and expertise to achieve and exceed any marketing goals you set for your business. We will help you distinguish your brand, build brand equity, and revamp your logo or expand its advertising channels.  

We implement our marketing advertising tactics by first studying the firm thoroughly to understand its business strategy. This will help us devise a unique branding and advertising technique for marketing the company’s products or services.


At Kihada, we are top of the line Marketing firm in WA. We can interpret your company brand to distinguish it from businesses in the same industry by telling stories that compel your customer’s brand loyalty.

All we need from a business is their values, brand position, and where its audience is. Once we know those things, we will implement vital communication features for your brand’s identity. We believe that partnering with you will show off the best of your brand to its audience.


We have decades of experience making commercials films and corporate videos that tell exciting stories for clients. With us, you can be sure that our productions will persuade your target audience and match your digital marketing campaigns.

Before production, we will research your company, write a script to display, and interpret the text and plan its production. Finally, we will do all postproduction tasks like editing, coloring, and sound, to create a finished masterpiece that will not fail to excite, captivate, and persuade the audience.

Package Design

A package makes a product attractive and looks organize to buyers. We can help you design packages no matter the type, from bottles of exceptional wine to making a label for a food product and packaging for your cosmetics projects. At Rikada, the packages we create are attractive connect immediately with buyers and have the highest quality. 

Our work cannot be complete if there is no strong tie between the product and the customer. We believe a package must deliver the real meaning of your product. We appeal you give us a chance to produce extraordinary package designs that entice the customer for the repeat purchase of your product.

Need Seattle Digital Marketing Agency? Contact Kihada Marketing And Advertising

Kihada was set up to provide your business with a full marketing agency service. Our quest remains our clients’ satisfaction in their diverse marketing journeys, be it advertising, branding, film production, and package design. 

To see how our digital marketing agency in Seattle can help you, contact Kihada marketing and advertising today at 1.360.788.3167. for a free consultation with an expert in Seattle Washington, or send us an email at 



Digital Marketing Agency Seattle