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Nadine Spuls
June 24th, 2021
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How Brands Grow.

From seed to harvest to flower, how a cannabis brand is grown – not made.

How a cannabis brand is grown not made
How a cannabis brand is grown not made

With the emersion of the cannabis industry, new brands have been sprouting up across the landscape, and the Kihada Advertising team has been showing off their green thumbs.

However, sustainable brand growth takes experience and planning. Much like a growing season is not only Spring and Summer; it consists of crucial steps taken in each of the four seasons that enrich future harvests. This is true when it comes to growing cannabis and successful brands.

Grow Your Cannabis Brand
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Laying the groundwork

Before planting season begins, the soil must be tilled and churned. Healthy soil practices provide a strong foundation in which the crops can grow and flourish year after year. A brand that will grow requires the same preparation.

Before even choosing a name, the groundwork must be done. Our Vancouver branding agency will research your industry, competitors, and past campaigns. Naming a brand one of our specialties.

Many cannabis companies that joined the market during the first green rush have since closed their doors. Some operators have been around for generations but without any digital data to collect. Therefore, the cannabis industry has presented an exciting challenge to the R&D of brands. Our team has had to dig below the surface to unearth accurate and dependable buyer and market modelling.

During the Fall season of growing a brand, we unearth the essential ingredients needed to weather the changing seasons of industry and to grow a brand that will flourish over time.

We Can Flourish Your Brand
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Preparation is done in the quiet months

A farmer’s work is never done, but it appears to slow during the winter months. Then, when the ground is hard, and the crops are sold or stored, attention turns to continued planning and preparation for the following seasons.

A brand’s identity must be cultivated in the same manner. With the R&D complete, we sharpen our pens and pencils. The brand identity is grown from the knowledge base accumulated through research and our team’s experience.

During the Winter season, we craft the verbal and visual identities in preparation for the development of the website and other marketing toolsThese curated brand identities are the foundation of all future marketing materials such as the website, social channels, blogs, press releases, and advertising. A well grown brand, rooted in a strong foundation means that all aspects of your marketing tools are impactful and attract the attention of the consumer.

Our cannabis industry experience has given us the opportunity to help various companies create beautifully branded packaging. The packaging design stage is a crucial step to a well developed cannabis brand. It must meet all the government regulations while still being eye catching. Our years of experience will mean your cannabis brand will have impact and  longevity. The winter season may seem quiet, but it is the foundation that ensures a successful launch and the growth of any brand.

Launch Your Cannabis Brand With Us
Takes alot of work to make things look simple

Where the new meets the world.

Spring is a season of new growth. The time to plant seeds and watch their growth with each week that passes. With the soil in good tilth, the seeds will germinate, and the sights of tiny green buds seem to come up overnight. Then continue their steady growth towards the spring sun.

Launching a new brand or bringing new life to a heritage brand in the cannabis industry is unique due to the ever-changing landscape of federal regulation. The preparation through R&D and brand development is just part of a successful launch. Common challenges and obstacles are accounted for during the Fall and Winter months of brand development.

This thorough approach saves cannabis companies from realigning or changing direction in their advertising strategy, costing them considerable time and money. As a result, our cannabis clients can confidently launch their new websites and marketing materials, knowing that their brand can sprout up and flourish during those first months.

Takes alot of work to make things look simple
Takes alot of work to make things look simple

The rewards of a job well done.

Harvest season is the time to reap the rewards of a farmer’s labours. To enjoy the crops that were carefully planned, planted, and cultivated over the seasons.

Through impactful messaging and advertising, and an ongoing brand strategy, a successful brand will reap the rewards of carefully planted seeds, much like a healthy cannabis harvest. Harvest time for brands is the influx of qualified customers, steady sales channels, and company growth. With each step of growth, we have planned for the next season, harvest, and launch. But, just as the seasons never stop coming, so does the ongoing strategy of a successful brand.

Cannabis High Brands
Takes alot of work to make things look simple

What it all means for your cannabis brand

Kihada Advertising has been working with cannabis brands for over 12 years, and we’ve been there as the seasons have brought change. High standards and new challenges demand the crafting of brands that align with the consumer and follow regulations simultaneously. For more information about growing your brand, book a free consultation.

If you’re ready to get high amongst the stars ;-), contact Kihada.


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