Shendah Van Kreuningen
July 4th, 2019
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“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life.”
 (sang Nina Simone in “Feeling Good”)

Marketing has emerged from an Ice Age of cold tactics towards creative strategies. Gone are the days where snowball tactics were hurled and customers either caught them or ducked.

Advances in technology and digital practises have changed consumer behaviour. Tech savvy consumers want information at their fingertips and they want it now. They are searching, researching and sharing on social media, the web and on apps to get what they want. The salesperson has been ditched for the influencer and reviews are a go-to before making a purchase. These changes have flipped the marketing funnel upside down. Whatever you want to call it – hourglass or flywheel or whatever – the point is the journey isn’t cookie cutter anymore. Old school ideas put the customer as an afterthought. Now, it’s all about how the consumer can keep the momentum going.

So really getting to know your customer and building a strong brand has become even more crucial in connecting with your target audience.

But how do you do this?

Calling Leo? Paging Scorpius? Seeking Orion?

If you look up into the night sky, you will see pinpoints of light. But what if you had the ability to recognize how they fit together to create constellations?

Knowing your customer is key.

One of the most important steps is to create fictional personas based on your potential customers’ demographics, habits, needs and values.  

After discovering your potential customer’s pain points and motivations, put on their shoes and go for a walk. It might be full of twists and turns but the journey will give you a chance to be empathetic to their stories. And while you’re at it, stop by the social media platform. The final stop will reward you with two advantages: specific phrases to build new marketing messages and a better grasp of what customers really want.

And by warming up potential leads with focused features and benefits, you are putting the emphasis on solutions rather than products or services which, by the way, is all anyone really wants.

Because vying on price point is not enough. Your company has to be unique and magnetic. To do this, you need three things: a fascinating story, a quick-to-respond and helpful customer service and an effective brand personality.

Cross my Heart and Hope to Die,
Stick a Needle in my Eye.”

Selling a product or service involves more than just a pinky promise. Trust must be forged. To do this, everything from language to colour palette must convey the same message. First impressions are everything at this point.

However, branding is more than
slapping some lipstick on a pig.


Great branding is all about taking the potential customer on a journey. Today’s customer is looking for more than just a product – they want an experience.

As a result, the customer will build an emotional attachment and the perceived quality of the brand will increase. When a customer forms a relationship with the brand and favours it to the competition, your company has achieved the most coveted level of brand equity.  

And a stronger brand equity means you can charge more for your brand than what an equal, unbranded product or service is demanding. Remember when I said earlier you can’t compete on price alone? Well, at this point of the marketing game, you can. Sorry not sorry .. yup, the struggle is real.

So this evolving economy with increasingly competitive markets means that a branding agency must be inventive and flexible to succeed. One way to achieve the upper hand is by addressing modernisation – the rise of technology. Another is by manipulating trends. When branding agencies study what others are doing in the industry – what channels, keywords and tactics they are using – there is a chance to find gaps in competitor’s strategies.

By forming trust, building an experience and adapting to the ever changing economy, you will access, attract and preserve potential customers.

And that is called breaking the internet. With all the hullabaloo, your voice will bust through and create a genuine, on pitch hum.

In no time at all, you’ll be singing: “This old world is a new world. And a bold world.” Yaaaaas.


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