Sylvia Braun
May 28th, 2020
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The Stork Delivers:
Marketing Strategies at their Finest

There are a few images that are as iconic as the stork. Long viewed as the unequivocal symbol of birth and new life, it is something that evokes a strong reaction without context- in short, it’s the marketing dream. Myself- I’m the image of the woman beating the stork over the head with an umbrella. I’m not the target audience, but hey at least it’s getting feedback.

The Stork Delivers: Marketing Strategies at their Finest

Regardless about how you feel about babies, one look and you know exactly what the stork is and what it represents. But more than that- it’s the perfect metaphor for the world of digital marketing- the stork delivers, and so should your marketing strategies.

2020 has been the year of change, especially for marketing strategies. For many, it’s a whole new world and the pressure is on to deliver, in more ways than one. Funny how accurate the metaphor is- a new baby leads to transition, thinking on the fly, and despite how neatly the stork portrays it- birthing pains. No shift in strategy is seamless, yet again we look to the stork for inspiration.

The imagery inspires calm, trust, and a safe delivery despite what may be going on around it. Covid-19 has inspired fast shifts, and digital marketing is the new main medium. After all, what’s the point of a billboard if no one is leaving the house to look at it? Marketing to people in their living room means accessibility in more ways than one. Not only do people have to see it, but they need to know whatever you’re marketing is accessible to them. So, no matter the inner turmoil- your marketing needs to reflect the calm control consumers are looking to.

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Switching to an almost entirely online presence has been a big surprise for many- and the marketing reflects that. There is no shame in being open about growing pains. Let your audience know that they may experience delays or hiccups in their experience. Putting on a brave face is all well and good but not being open will only lead to anger and frustration.

This is a tough time for everyone and knowing that companies are being safe in operations and taking steps to protect their employees goes a long way in garnering and protecting a healthy reputation. Look at all the negative press surrounding Amazon, Tesla, Virgin, in regard to their handling of the Covid crisis. Yes, these companies are still powerhouses but their marketing has been greatly affected by what they’re doing and saying outside of that bubble (or not doing). So remember that marketing is only as valuable as the reputation you are cultivating.

The stork is also the image of safe delivery- very apt where online purchases and the mail service have more importance than ever. Whether it means having ice cream and booze delivered to your door or that new summer outfit, ‘delivery’ has a whole new meaning these days. Personally, having sushi delivered is my definition of ‘new life’, but like any consumer, I am counting on the advertised service to arrive when promised. Being realistic about expectations shows maturity and integrity.

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But maybe the stork can be a symbol of hope right now. We have innovation and new business practices popping up as we adapt and learn to thrive in this new normal. The stork can be that shining example of new life and delivery of expectations in the strangest circumstances we’ve seen in a very long time. Sure, times are tough and marketing changes need to be made to survive. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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