Photography & Film Studio Vancouver

Photography & Film Studio Vancouver

Looking for a Film Studio in Vancouver?
You’ve come to the right place.

Whether we are creating an 8-second social media clip or are shooting a complete corporate video production, it all starts with the storyboard.

Our creative team will fully integrate your company’s brand into every
millisecond of film and craft the final edit to connect with your customers.

Film Studio Vancouver
The magic happens in our 1000 foot production studio. Let us take your brand from the deepest depth of the ocean to the outer limits of space with our corporate video production studio in Vancouver, BC.

The Studio is fully-equipped for film, photography, and commercial production. Animation, drone footage, and CGI mean that there are no limits to our digital creation capabilities. We will deliver a unforgettable visual experience.

Film Studio Vancouver

Media for the Masses

Kihada is a creative advertising agency based in the heart of Vancouver, and we specialize in corporate video production. No matter the production size, let us captivate your audience with lashings of life, colour, and visual excitement. We promise to deliver enticing digital work that fits your campaign.

From conceptualization to the final cut, we will curate an interactive experience for your audience. Our fully equipped studio gives us the range to make imagination come to life and tell brand stories that jump off the screen.

Stories told boldly through visual inspiration.

of stories already told.

Here’s what The Film Studio uses to make the magic happen.

1,000 sq ft all-black production space with infinity wall
300 sq ft infinity cove stage
Duvetyne curtains on two sides
Alley-side-double doors for sound insulation
Makeup room
Props and Furniture department
100amp 120/240 volt AC power block
Truck-height loading bay
Security System
Access Points covered with cameras and FOBs.
1 Gigabit High Speed internet line
18hr/day rental access available
Extensive camera, lighting and grip on-site rental

Film Studio Vancouver