March 24th, 2020
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We’re entering this decade with a bang- but not the one we’d have liked to see. Who could have predicted that this year would bring a learning curve for humanity’s health that will be felt for a hundred years? We are finding out what it is to be ruled and to follow orders on a global scale. But what choice do we have? This may doom us, or we may bloom.


A Social Distance Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

The freedom we have in art and self-expression is the only liberty some of us will ever possess, but even that is not a certainty. 

The work below has been inspired by the recent set of events that affects us all. Together, we can work towards overcoming this. It is up to us to make the best of a dark time and to be a light to those who need our help.

The Unkiss | by Gustav Klimt

I have always been fascinated by the Renaissance, post-Impressionist artists like the legendary French artist George Seurat, Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, and Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, which has inspired me to do some digital recreation and showing in a creative way “social distancing”

Stay safe and close to your family.


Corona of Man | By René Magritte

Keep your distance.
It won’t hurt that much when it’s destroyed.

La Corona Mask


Advertising Engineered for today.

Advertising Engineered for today.

The night sky is majestic, cold, and never ending. To travel there requires imaginative engineers and equipment of meticulous precision. Advertising in the digital void requires the same.

Ready to launch or relaunch your brand?

Ready to launch or relaunch your brand?

Ready to launch or relaunch your brand? Here’s how to weather the storm of an inconsistent branding journey. There’s a branding journey that we have seen many times. It comes from the inevitable collision of circumstance and the best-laid plans of a growing business. Branding a business requires careful mapping and a brand strategy built on consumer data and company values. Plotting this course can feel like trying to navigate the Bermuda Triangle without a compass. Does this journey sound familiar to you?

Making your first great impression with package design

Making your first great impression with package design

What’s in the box?! Nailing your one chance at a first impression with package design.
Package design is the creation of the exterior of your product – from the shape of the box to the fonts and colour scheme. The design of your package is a chance to tell the consumer your brand story in an instant, then using that moment to make them commit to your brand.