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March 24th, 2020
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We’re entering this decade with a bang- but not the one we’d have liked to see. Who could have predicted that this year would bring a learning curve for humanity’s health that will be felt for a hundred years? We are finding out what it is to be ruled and to follow orders on a global scale. But what choice do we have? This may doom us, or we may bloom.


A Social Distance Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

The freedom we have in art and self-expression is the only liberty some of us will ever possess, but even that is not a certainty. 

The work below has been inspired by the recent set of events that affects us all. Together, we can work towards overcoming this. It is up to us to make the best of a dark time and to be a light to those who need our help.

The Unkiss | by Gustav Klimt

I have always been fascinated by the Renaissance, post-Impressionist artists like the legendary French artist George Seurat, Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, and Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, which has inspired me to do some digital recreation and showing in a creative way “social distancing”

Stay safe and close to your family.


Corona of Man | By René Magritte

Keep your distance.
It won’t hurt that much when it’s destroyed.

La Corona Mask


The Evolution of the Advertising Agency

The Evolution of the Advertising Agency

Advertisements have been around in one form or another over 100 years now. Word of mouth, print, radio, TV and online, the evolution continues. It seems as a society we’re reaching full ad capacity. We can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with TV and Radio commercials, and the never-ending social media advertising that are way louder than the video you’re trying to watch.

What’s in a business brand name?

What’s in a business brand name?

What’s in a business brand name? We can assume a lot from a name- be it gender, origin, and sometimes age. For brands, it’s the first thing we learn about what the company is. You may not know everything from the name, but it’s a start. Names can even be clever, tongue-in-cheek inside jokes.

Finding the unicorn of the cosmetic beauty industry

Finding the unicorn of the cosmetic beauty industry

The hunt for a unicorn. Account price, smell, function, ingredients, it can seem a shot in the dark without spending hours in the store reading labels and making comparisons. Much like looking for a mythological creature, you need luck, skill, and a whole lot of searching to find what you want…or you give up. It doesn’t help that in the cosmetics world, a lot of products are just horses pretending to be unicorns. So how do you stand out with your own business?