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Nick Brouard
June 1st, 2020
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Deadlocked? How A Digital Marketing Agency Drives Traffic Online

Life on the open road, feeling the wind in your hair as you race down a highway, is there a better rush than that? Having customers speed to your website comes pretty close, and hiring an agency is the only way to make sure they’re always headed in the right direction.

Nowadays, everybody is tech-savvy, not just the swathes of lip-syncing teenagers on TikTok. Most folks have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, or all three, and with easy-to-use web builders everywhere, it’s not unheard of to create a site for yourself or the company you work for, either. But if you think that’s all you need to create an effective digital presence for your brand, think again.

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It’s called driving traffic for a reason, because like hitting the road without a decent map or navigation system, unless you help them, your customers can get lost on their way to you online – and, boy, there’s a lot to lose themselves in. Think of all the cat videos, for one – meow. A digital marketing agency holds the roadmap to your website and, more importantly, knows how to use it to get your business and its patrons to exactly where they need to go.

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No one is saying that even though you got 200 retweets for sharing a SpongeBob meme, you don’t know how to get reactions online. But there’s a big difference between a single popular post and a digital campaign blasting on all cylinders. To get the best out of digital marketing requires not only taking advantage of social media, but other tools like UX (user experience), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid media, content marketing, email marketing, and PPC (pay-per-click), as well. If you’ve never heard of, or don’t properly understand how to work all of the digital aids available to you, you’re doomed to take a wrong turn. So how do you stay on track?

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Paying attention to signs is key to any road-trip. Making sure your customers get a decent view of them, so they eventually park up on your website for a potential purchase, booking, or subscription, is vital. Rich media is the most effective way of signposting your business on the internet. Like a highway sign telling you when to switch lanes, online messaging that utilizes animation, expandable banners, and video, is less likely to be overlooked in favour of the multitudes of other attention-grabbing content out there. Like those cat videos we mentioned earlier.

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Planning is crucial for a long drive; at the very least, you should check your gas. You should probably make sure you’ve got enough pressure in your tires, too. Marketing agencies apply the same level of preparation to online marketing. The most effective brands are multi-faceted, with many different layers that come together to form a distinct whole. The digital portion of your strategy is only a single bolt in its engine, but it has to slot in perfectly with the rest of the machine for it to function correctly.

Working alongside an agency on your digital plan is the only way to be consistent in every aspect of your messaging. In short, a creative agency won’t just make sure you have enough juice in the tank – it will check your brakes, oil, and water for you, too.

Digital Media Agency

There are a ton of reasons why you should rely on expertise to navigate the ever-expanding digital space. Efficient use of time ranks as number one. The route from A to B is fastest when you know exactly where you’re going. Think of a web agency as your GPS on the crazy, tangled roads of cyberspace. Hiring one is the first step in ensuring you and your customers don’t get lost on the information superhighway forever.

Play it safe and use us to plan your next digital drive. Get a quote here.

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